Cold Uncapping Knife Serrated


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A serrated blade makes cutting through cappings a breeze. This knife features a wooden handle that is easy to grip when things get sticky. The offset handle makes for easy manipulation of the knife along the edges of a frame. *WARNING* This blade is extremely sharp. You will still need an uncapping fork for those cells that were not drawn out far enough for the blades to reach. Some will dip this in warm water and wipe the blade free of water so it does not contaminate the honey.  It helps soften the wax and makes it cut smoother.

*Pro Tip – Try going from the bottom up and use a slight see saw, back and forth motion. Take extra caution if this is newly drawn wax on either wax or plastic foundation. We have tried to speed things up before and pulled all of the wax right off of the foundation (on both types). Yikes, we were a little sad but we learned, hopefully preventing you from doing the same.