Anel In Hive Frame Feeder


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This plastic frame feeder replaces one deep frame in your hive as a handy way to feed in hive. It features innovative floats that rise and fall with the level of syrup in the feeder, preventing bees from drowning.

Why this frame feeder vrs others? Several things sets it apart. It has square floats that will always cover the entire width of the feeder, unlike the “other” feeders that are tapered. It’s thinner holding a 3/4 of a gallon & only takes up the space of one frame.

The filling tube in the middle has a cap you remove so you are not pouring syrup on top of bees. The floats are a hollow piece of plastic heat sealed on the seams to ensure they do not fill up and will actually float. Brushy Mountain sold these and were their best seller. Made by Anel of Italy, a leading company in the European market.

*Pro Tip – We recommend internal feeding any time of the year but especially when the outside temperatures are cold &/ or we are in a dearth (lack of flowering plants that are in bloom).