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Made of durable plastic, these 6 1/8 Inch frames are a long lasting alternative to traditional wood frames. Single piece plastic molded into a frame shape, precision textured with honeycomb shape, and double waxed for bee enticement, these frames will give you great honeycomb that is strong enough to stand the test of time or the test of extracting. Manufactured in California. An earlier version had some flex to it but the company beefed up the plastic some and stiffened them up.  These occasionally have a little difficulty in older extractors so you may want to purchase one first to try out. Cell size is 5.3 mm. Two color options available. Black is best for the brood chamber so you can easily see eggs against it. White is for the honey supers so you can see the color of your honey.

*Pro Tip – Be sure to have your Small Hive Beetles under control. The sides of these have small spaces that they can lay eggs in.  We use a Guardian entrance to keep beetles out and a traps or towel inside the hive in case there were already some beetles in the hive.

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White, Black


Single Frame, Case (72 Count)


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