10 Frame Full Hive Kit Assembled



A complete set up for a beginning beekeeper. All you need in addition to this kit is the bees! Wood components made from Ohio White Pine by a local Amish family. Choose your set up:

Hive Body Set Up : 2 deep boxes; 1 deep box, 2 medium boxes ; 2 deep boxes, 1 medium box ; 4 medium boxes

Outer Cover: Ultimate Hive Cover ; Wood and Metal Telescoping Lid ; Copper Colored Garden Top

Frame Style: Wood Frame with Premier Foundation ; Wood Frame with Wax Foundation ; One Piece Acorn Frame

Bottom Board Style: Integrated Pest Management (IPM) bottom board ; Solid Bottom Board ; Heavy Duty Screened Bottom Board

Included in kit are also the Inner cover and wood entrance reducer. Premier foundation or Acorn one piece frames will be black for brood boxes and white for honey supers unless otherwise specified.

Everything will be assembled with a combination of exterior non toxic Titebond 3 glue, stainless screws, galvanized and standard staples. Acorn foundation will be installed in the frames and One Piece Acorn frames come ready to go. Due to the delicate nature of wax, frames will be assembled but wax will be shipped separately. Nails for pinning wax will be included but support pins/ embedding wire should be ordered separately.

Because there are so many different combinations of boxes for hives, we can not list them all. If you are interested in a combo you do not see listed, feel free to reach out to us and we will get a price together for you.

Additional information

Hive Set Up

1 Deep 2 Medium, 2 Deep 1 Medium, 2 Deep, 4 Medium

Outer Cover

Copper Garden Top Lid, Ultimate Hive Cover, Wood and Metal Telescoping Lid

Frame Style

Wood with Premier, Wood with wax, Acorn One Piece frame

Bottom Board

Solid Bottom Board, Ultimate IPM Bottom Board, Heavy Duty Screened Bottom Board


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